IN A NUTSHELL:  Be Nice!  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BAN explanation by us required.
Freedom of speech (civics/constitutional law 101): Freedom of speech is protected from GOVERNMENTAL INFLUENCE. There really is no freedom of speech protection within the private sector. While we do not censor, per se, we do not allow hate speech nor allow memes, political or religious discussion (unless within the appropriate forum set up by us)...these things just tend to contribute to angry discourse within the forums in social media.
Having said that, we understand your religious beliefs may dictate that you wish prayers i or quotes within a post/comment.  Or if a subject matter is dealing with a legal or social issue, you may feel the need to point out a need for a law or praise for a certain politician. Those sorts of expression are fine, but pushing your religion, agenda, politics, etc upon others just leads to issues.  No bashing of anothers religion, or lack thereof. No bashing political candidates or anothers political affiliation, etc.  Again...BE NICE!
Forums have subject categories for a reason and that is to allow people to easily find and follow subject matters.  If your post or comment does not fall under a category then it does not belong there. There is a time and a place for everything, and we each have our burning passions, but that does not mean it belongs in every category or discussion.
We do not allow advertising of tobacco products and vape/vapors nor marijuana sales. "Men's shops" or shops that have tobacco as part of their sales line are allowed, but if strictly a tobacco shop...then not allowed.  We also keep a tight reign on anything adult oriented.  No pornography. The old adage of "I know it when I see it" applies so adult bookstores or stores that sell only sexual products. If you have a lingerie shop that carries adult themed items as well, and advertise the shop in good taste, then it is allowed.  Alcohol related products are allowed...but keep it in good taste.
If a business becomes obnoxious or false in their are gone, without refund.  Your payment is for initial setup of advertising, so if you break our rules, your are subject to censor or removal, without refund. If a business or business owner is charged with crimes, we may put your advertising on hold or delete and ban the advertising (no refund).
We will not have a review section...I've never been able to decipher who is doing a proper review or who is just being a troll, or who are just competitors. But if we receive complaints about an advertiser, you are subject to hold or deletion and banning (without refund).
There are always two sides to an issue...and we understand that the customer is not always right.
This is a public forum.  All posts and comments are open to anyone and everyone to see.  Only members may comment, however. We do not share member sign up information with any outside sources.  We do reserve the right to share any posts or comments within this site or other social media.
Posting of photos, articles or images that you have not produced yourself, can be a copyright violation unless you give proper credit to the original author/photographer/artist, etc. There is a one business I really have issues with in that they "share" images/stories of other people but give no attribution at all in the post.  Occassionaly they may "bury" so such credit within the comments under the post.  Credit/attribution must accompany the post itself and be easily seen.  Give credit where credit is due!
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