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Dread the F.R.E.D.
from a review: "We all love the underdog-comes-out-ahead type of stories. "Dread the Fred" is one of those and, because it is a true story about a high school robotics competition, it is even more fun to read.The students had much to overcome including lack of money, lack of support and, at one time, lack of honesty. The author chose to write the words from the viewpoint of each student; the dialogue became more fluid and exciting as the story developed."
Travel in the Sixties
Anthology - fiction AND nonfiction, poetry, photography, humor, sci-fi, historical. There's something to please virtually every reader. Inside this book are stories true and not, poetry, and art to entertain, inspire, stimulate laughter, tears, thought, and perhaps fear * all things to engage the reader and make you want more. The authors and artists are each talented writers, many with superstar credentials.
NOTE: Purchase of this book benefits The Ella Ragland Charity, funding therapy for Alzheimer's patients.
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