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We have business profiles available as well.  Note that businesses are allowed to post right alongside personal profiles on our site.  The rule is that no spamming....make your posts of actual content.  If we suspect spamming (and definitely scamming)...results include up to and including permanent banning. Businesses that are temporarily blocked or banned are done so without eligibility for refund!
Your Name, Image, Conact Link and Bio are all that is available for public to see and the only thing that is REQUIRED to have a profile is your LEGAL NAME (we do not allow made up profile names).  Your contact links that will be visible to visitors and can be email, website or a social media link. 
If you wish to have additional contact info available such as address and phone number, etc. you may place in your bio section.
To keep the site as civil as possible in the social media arena, we do not allow political commentary in our posts.  We will be establishing a political discussion area where people can discuss such...keeping political talk in a forum where it should be and not in every post/commment (that goes for most discussions...keep it in its place!)
We believe in open dialogue on subjects, but it should be done in a respectful and positive manner that builds a better community and world.  Hate and disrespect has no place here...and again, keep discussions in forums that are labeled for your subject.
The only required information is posting of your actual legal name (see Exceptions)
Photo can be your actual photo or again, your whimsey.  Members may only have one personal profile. If your profile is deleted for improper representation of yourself through fake names, illegal activity, hate speech, racism, will not be able to create another profile. 
NO PORNOGRAHIC OR OVERALLY RISQUE IMAGES, RACIST, SEXUALLY BIASED, HATE SPEECH/IMAGES OR "POLITICAL MEME TYPE IMAGES!"  You can show your political or personal preferances without use of overtly socially charged images. Just like we would like to see mud throwing out of the political ads, let's keep it out of our conversations as well!
We understand that some may need to keep their real name hidden, i.e., certain public figures, law enforcement, those who have reasons of safety, etc. If that is the case, you still must submit your real name for us in area noted for record keeping...this portion is verification so we can attempt to prevent illegal activities, spammers and scammers.
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